3 Hours Later
Sifting through movies, games, TV, and comics 3 hours at a time, to see if it's worth yours!
4 days ago

Squid Game Reaction

Could the Squid Games occur in our reality? Short answer, Yes!

24 days ago

Malignant Reaction

This movie has been on the back of our minds for awhile and it's about time we reviewed the 2021 movie, Malignant! Tell us in the comments your thoughts on the movie!?

1 month ago

Mansion of Madness Reaction

Welcome to 3 Hours Later podcast! It's been almost 2 years but we got together IN PERSON to play Mansion of Madness. Nothing like trying to drunkly solve a mystery while monsters try to physically and mentally kill you! If you enjoy the episode please LIKE, SUBSCRIBE AND SHARE!

1 month ago

3HL: What If, Shang-Chi, Twin Peaks, Taco Bell Chicken Sandwich Reaction

Reactions: Taco Bell, Marvel's What If series, Shang Chi and MORE

3 months ago

3HL: It's Been a Couple Months!

Recapping and reviewing from the latest and greatest shows, movies, and video games

5 months ago

The World of Mortal Kombat

From the video games to recent movies, the lore of Mortal Kombat has been growing since our childhood. The group, chats about all things Mortal Kombat and the predictions for the future!

5 months ago

Past and Present of Phoenix Jones

Welcome back to 3 Hours Later, where we review content for 3 hours and share our feedback. In this video, we are reacting to Phoenix Jones' return to walking the streets as a real-life superhero. As his story is as complicated as a comic book and we are here to review the past, present and possible future of real-life heroes. Is it good? bad? or a grey area? Let us know your thoughts!

6 months ago

2 for 1 Special: Mortal Kombat: Then and Now! and NEW CAPTAIN AMERICA!

3 Hours Later is looking forward to some gruesome fatalities with the new Mortal Kombat movie! Also, NEW CAP! LET'S GOOOO!

6 months ago

Invincible, Falcon and Winter Soldier, Mighty Ducks, Disco Elysium

Shows and Games that have our attention. Let's talk about them!

6 months ago

Justice League: Snyder Cut - We Tried!

We broke the rules and spent 4 hours to review! Does the Snyder Cut bring Justice to the Justice League?